Advanced Features

Take your Marq experience to the next level with these advanced features!

Page Templates

Take your templating to the next level and build pages with different dimensions and even styles all in one project so that you can easily add repeating content without having to start over!

Integrate with Unsplash

Gain access to thousands of high-quality copyright-free images with just a few clicks!

Link Text Boxes

Link your text boxes together to create a space for additional text to overflow into as your type. Doing this will allow your long form paragraphs to seamlessly flow into the next textbox!

Publish to the Web

Publish your Project to the web to create a digital version so you can share it easily with others over a variety of channels. 

Profile Smart Fields

Use Profile Smart fields and Smart Images to speed up content creation  by eliminating repetitive tasks that take up extra time.

Indesign Imports

Do you use InDesign and wish you could import those files into Marq without having to make them from Scratch? Well, check out our InDesign import feature to learn all about how you can do this in Marq!