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Introducing Branded QR Codes in Marq: Elevate Your Project Visibility

Marq's latest software update brings an exciting feature to all account types, including Free, Pro, Teams, and Enterprise – the ability to enhance project visibility with Branded QR Codes.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Navigate to the Editor:

    • Access the QR code feature conveniently located on the left-side navigation bar within the Marq editor.

  2. Input URL and Customize:

    • Once in the QR code section, users can effortlessly input the desired URL for their project.

  3. Personalize the Branded QR Code:

    • Give the QR code a distinctive name, ensuring it aligns with your project's identity.

  4. Choose Color Palette:

    • Select from a spectrum of QR code colors and background colors to match your brand aesthetics perfectly.

  5. Add Logo for Branding:

    • Personalize further by incorporating your logo into the QR code, reinforcing brand recognition.

  6. Shape Your QR Code:

    • Customize the QR code shape, adding an extra touch to make it uniquely yours.

With Marq's Branded QR Codes, users can now seamlessly integrate their brand elements into project promotions, facilitating enhanced recognition and engagement. Elevate your project's visual appeal and make it stand out with this latest addition to Marq's feature-rich platform.

Branded QR Codes FAQs