Branded QR Codes FAQs: Elevate Your Project with Personalized Engagement

Explore Branded QR Codes for all account types. These FAQs guide you through creating, customizing, and managing QR codes, enhancing project engagement.

When are branded QR codes going to be accessible to everyone?
The update is now available to all account types.

Are branded QR codes free for every plan?
Yes, branded QR codes are free for all plans, including Free, Pro, Team, and Enterprise.

Are the analytics for QR codes free or not?
No, QR code analytics are not free. Access to QR code analytics is available for those subscribed to Advanced Analytics (Enterprise Accounts).

How can I create a branded QR code from scratch?
Please refer to this link for the step-by-step process.

What different things can a user customize in a branded QR code?
Users, regardless of their plan, can customize the following elements in their QR codes:
  • URL
  • Name of the branded QR code
  • QR code color
  • Background color
  • Logo
  • Shape

What insights/analytics are tracked for QR codes?
The following insights are tracked for QR codes:
  • QR codes created
  • Total scans
  • Scans by template
  • Scans over time
  • Scans by time zone
  • Scans by day
  • Scans by project owner

Can regular users access QR code analytics?
Currently, only account owners with Advanced Analytics subscriptions can access insights for QR code engagement.

Can users drag and drop (snap in place) QR codes like images do in the editor?
This feature is currently being developed and will be available in the future.

Where are the generated QR Codes stored?
All QR Codes generated will be conveniently stored in the "My QR Codes" section under the Editor Page for easy access and management.