Transfer Files to another account

There are multiple ways to transfer documents between Marq accounts. Please take a look below to find the best option for you.

You can use one of the methods below to transfer files between accounts. If you made a new Marq account, you can use the "Transfer via Backup and Restore" method.

Share files between accounts

Sharing projects and folders is an easy way to allow others to access and edit projects.

  1. Login to the account with files that need to be transferred.
  2. Create a folder by selecting "+ Folder" on your My Projects page.
  3. Drag the projects to be shared into the folder.
  4. Hover over the folder on the project page and select "Share" or right-click the folder in the left panel and select "Share."
  5. Share with the other account(s).
  6. Make sure to give "can edit and share" access.
  7. The shared folder will appear in the user's "Shared with me" section on the left panel.

Note: Sharing projects does not transfer project ownership. When the owner of the project deletes a project, the project is also removed from the shared users’ accounts.

Transfer via Backup/Restore

    1. Login to the old account.
    2. Go to Account settings, open the Backup/Restore page, and download a backup of your projects.
    3. Go to Account settings and click "Close Account" to close the account.
    4. Login to the new account.
    5. Go to Account Settings, open the Backup/Restore page, and select 'Restore from backup' to restore from the backup you downloaded from the other account.
    6. Once the file is imported successfully, you will see a folder in your new account that contains all of the projects of the old account called 'restore from [email]' with the date.

    Note: Transferring via backup/restore gives the new account ownership of the projects. However, sharing rights are not transferred. Users will need to reshare the projects, as needed.