Storing GIFs in Marq

GIFs, like images can be stored in Marq in both folders, as well as in your brand assets. 


Adding GIFs to Folders

1. First you will want to make an image folder. You can do this by right clicking on your My Images folder and selecting Create Folder. 

2. Once the new folder is made, click into this folder and begin adding the GIFs via the add button at the top of the screen

3. Once you click add, it will open up your File manager and you can select the GIF files you want in this folder. 

Gif In folder

Note: You can share this folder with other users the same way you would an image folder. 

Adding GIFs to Brand Assets 

1. Select Brand Assets on the home screen

2. Go to Images and select the square with the plus sign in it. 

3. This will prompt your file manager to open, and from there you can add in a GIF file. 

4. You can now see all the files you have added in your Brand Asset Images. 

Gif In brand assets