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Smart images

Smart images allow for your images to automatically apply to placeholders designated in your template or document. Learn how to set these up below:

Image smart field example

  1. Set up your Google Sheet with a column for each image
  2. Connect your dataset to Marq and configure image columns
  3. Insert image smart fields into your project
  4. Apply data


Note: images need to be public URLs. Follow the steps in this article to create public URLs.


Profile smart images

Images from your account settings/profile data will auto-populate into 'logo' and 'profile image' fields. After you apply a logo or profile smart image, you can designate a specific image to populate in that spot from a source of multiple images from your users. Learn more here

Primary/other dataset images

If you want any image to apply from your data source, you can designate a primary or other dataset image. To make this work, you need to have a single column called 'externalImageUrls' in your Google Sheet or you need to use our MLS/XML integrations and we will automatically do this step for you.

  • Shapes set to have the primary dataset image will be filled with the first image
  • Shapes set to have other dataset images will be filled with images that are not the first one.

  • Currently, this doesn't work when applying data directly to a shape or group. Must apply the data to the entire project
  • If you upload images directly through the image manager, this feature will not work. The images must come from the XML, MLS, or Google Sheets feed.