See what’s included with Basic Analytics

A quick reminder that Basic Analytics is included with all Enterprise plans and is available as an add-on for Team plans. 

Below is a list of all the things you can track with Basic Analytics:

Projects Activity Over Time
Any time a user downloads, prints, or publishes a project a new “event” is created.

Projects top-level metrics

Projects created: The total number of new projects created by users

Projects viewed: each time a user opens a project to view/edit a new “view event” is created

Indesign imports: the number of times a user creates a new project from using Marq’s Indesign import functionality.

Project activity: similar to the report above, project activity is the sum of all events that include printed, published, and downloaded.

Most engaged users from project activity
Total sum of project activity and views by a user. Sorted by overall total and limited to the top 25 users.

User top-level metrics

Purchased  Licenses: The total number of licenses that have been purchased for the account

Allocated Licenses: The total number of users that have been granted a license in the account

Active Users in the Last 30 & 90 Days: The number of users that have logged into Marq at least once in the last 30 and 90 days.

If you’re interested in getting a deeper look at Basic Analytics for your Marq Account, please contact your Marq account manager or reach out to