Integrate an MLS

If you’re in real estate, you can connect your MLS to Marq.

Often, MLS systems charge for creating an IDX feed of their listings to a third-party like Marq. Your organization will need to cover these costs. In addition, MLS boards require various paperwork which typically takes anywhere from 3 to 9 weeks to receive and complete. Our 3rd party data aggregator, Simply RETS, uses a standard list of fields which may not include all fields available in your local MLS.

This option is good if:

  1. You create marketing content after the property is listed in the MLS
  2. You have more than one MLS system
  3. You are willing to pay for the costs of implementing your MLS systems to Marq

When considering your current MLS system, keep in mind the following:

  1. This may not be ideal if you create marketing content before a property is added to the MLS.
  2. MLS systems sometimes have various listing types such as active, sold, pre-active, and private. You will need to know if the MLS can export all the listings from each category. Depending on the category, the MLS may charge different prices.

Request access from MLS

  1. Ask your CSM or contact about how to request access from your MLS system. We can help with the correct phrasing for a contract, which will likely lower costs for your contract.
  2. Once the MLS agrees to the contract, you will also sign the contract and pay any associated fees. The MLS will work with Marq engineers to set up the account. Your CSM will contact you once the MLS has been connected.