How to filter a report

Article title: How to filter a report

Below you can find a list of all of the different ways you can filter a report

Predefined dashboard filters

Most dashboards will have top-level dropdown options to apply to a filter to all cards (or all relevant cards that can be associated to the filter). All reports will indicate the data has been filtered with a small filter icon at the bottom of the report. Filters can be applied either as a single or multi-select where needed.

Note: Multiple filters applied

Dynamic chart filters

Almost all charts/reports on a dashboard are interrelated. This allows you to hover or click to apply a filter on all reports within the dashboard (e.g. clicking on Template category: Promotions will display the entire dashboard reports only based on templates that are within the “Promotions” category group)

Note: Applying filters can be done via “interactions” within the dashboard

Custom ad-hoc dashboard filters

All dashboards have an additional option to apply a filter on any field available in a report by selecting the filter icon and choosing a field from the plus icon.

Note: Apply filters to a dashboard by clicking the top filter icon on the dashboard