Fonts/text showing black squares

Custom fonts are included in Pro, Team, and Business accounts. There are some factors that can cause a font to not load. Generally, your text or font appears as black blocks or squares.

1) Internet connection

The first thing to check is your internet connection. If the internet is slow, then it might take some time for the font to load. Zooming in and out of your project sometimes help. Try refreshing the page or connect to a faster internet connection.

You can also try a different browser to see if that helps. We support Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

2) Disable your ad-blocker

Do you have a strict ad-blocker? Test this by whitelisting Marq or disabling the ad-blocker extension. Some strict ad-block settings can disable custom fonts from being viewed.

3) Is the font uploaded to your account?

Generally, the black squares or blocks will show when your account does not have the font. If someone else created the project, then you make a copy of it, the font doesn’t display.

Check to see if the font is uploaded to your account. You can see your fonts in the right panel of the editor. If the font is not listed, you will need to upload the font or replace it with a different font.

If you have a Team or Business account, we recommend uploading common fonts to your Brand Fonts. This will give everyone on your team access to the fonts. To add a brand font, you must be a team admin.

  1. Click the brand assets tab on the Marq home screen.
  2. Click Fonts.