Embedding an email in Gmail

Gmail does not natively support HTML and JPEGs do not preserve links, however, here are steps you can follow to install an extension and embed the code with active hyperlinks.

1) Go to your Marq project. Click 'Share', then 'On the web' to publish. After it’s published, go to the 'In email' tab.

2) We recommend choosing 'Multiple Links' and 'Medium' as the size. Generate and copy the code. (use multiple links so that it can preserve the links)

3) Download the Cloud HQ Chrome extension. Once you create an account with Cloud HQ, compose a new email in Gmail.

4) Click the 'Edit as HTML' button at the bottom of the email. A new window will open up. Paste your HTML code from Marq.

5) Click 'Save and Close', then send your email.