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Dynamic Resize

Marq's Dynamic Resize makes it easy to use a single design for multiple templates of varying project sizes. Per project, only one resize method may be used.

  1. Turn on Dynamic Resize by clicking on the icon in your menu. If it is hidden, click 'more'
  2. Then select your resize logic
      • Scale: Scale all objects proportional to the project size changes
      • Keep Center: Locks all objects to the center of the canvas as the project size changes
      • Object-Based: Allows precise control of each individual element on your canvas.
        This method is used by selecting individual elements and setting their dimension and position properties.
  3. Once you have selected your resize logic, click a size in your size and orientation menu and watch the magic happen!

General tips

  • You can use background images. If you have one image used in the background, it’s best to set this as a background image. This is done by using the “Background” feature in the Size and Orientation pane for your page or project.
  • Scale and Keep Center will likely be your best options.
  • Keep Center is especially useful for social media templates where the primary content is vertically and horizontally centered with a background image for the project.

This is a beta feature. Please send us your feedback about how it works for you!