Delete your account

Free accounts will last forever and retain your documents. However, if you wish to completely delete your account, you can follow the below steps.

Steps to delete your account

To close your account, navigate to your Account Settings. You can go directly to your account settings by clicking on your username in the top right corner in Marq.

 Once you are in your account settings, select “Close Account” in the left navigation bar. Please note that if you have an active paid trial/subscription, you will need to cancel your subscription first.

Confirm by selecting the "close account" button and proceed to follow the steps to have your account deleted. The final step will have you type "DELETE". Closing your Marq account will also result in a state where your account/projects cannot be recovered.

If you wish to cancel your subscription instead and move to a free account, you’ll no longer be able to use premium features and may miss out on new and upcoming feature releases. You’ll also face storage and template restrictions and lose any grandfathered benefits, including pricing. 

Refer to GDPR policies for deleting data.