Defining Templates

Below we explain how we define the word “template” as it shows up in different metrics and reports in your analytics dashboard. 

  • Templates: Templates are pre-configured designs that can be shared within your organization or within teams. Users can use the template as a “starting point” to create their own projects.
  • Template types: There are three types of templates:
    • Marq system templates: these are templates from Marq’s design team and can be activated or hidden from your organization.
    • Brand templates: brand templates are templates that are shared more broadly within your entire organization or a large portion of groups of users.
    • Personal templates: personal templates are created by users and often are only accessible by them or shared with a smaller group of team members.
  • Template category groups & categories

  • Template categories: Template categories (filters) are the options chosen to tag a template with different attributes. These are often used to help your team members easily filter the template library to a subset of templates associated with the category/filter.
  • Template category groups: Template category groups are a group of associated template categories: examples could include - content type, campaign, marketing channel, etc.