Defining Projects

Below we explain how we define the word “projects” as it shows up in different metrics and reports in your analytics dashboard. 

  • Projects: Projects are individually created designs by users. Most often users will create a project from a template (brand/personal template) and then use the project to share (via social media, email, download), collaborate (add internal users to design), or print.
  • Project activity types:
    • Download: when a project is downloaded from the platform (PDF or image file)
    • Share (Add collaborators): when a user chooses to add more users to be able to access the project (shared via email, Slack or via a link) 
    • Publish: any time a user chooses to shares content through another platform or externally (outside of the Marq platform)
      • Examples of methods to publish include:
        • Publishing on the web, embed in an email, embed on a website, post to Facebook, post to LinkedIn, etc.
    • Print: when a user chooses to order prints