Lucidpress scheduled outage

Lucidpress will have a scheduled outage on Thursday, March 3rd, 7PM - 10PM MT for final database upgrades. This outage will complete our series of performance updates which will drastically improve the ability of Lucidpress to sustain new features, queries, speed, and capabilities within the editor.

To prevent any potential data loss during the maintenance window, we will be restricting access to Lucidpress. You will not be able to access your account or documents during the scheduled outage. If you’ll need access to any Lucidpress files during that time, we recommend exporting them as a pdf before the scheduled outage.


Why is this update occurring?

Our new database upgrade will have new features, optimizations and performance improvements that we can take advantage of in the future. 

We are targeting Thursday, March 3rd, 7PM - 10PM MT for our final maintenance, which will allow us to complete this upgrade across all of our database clusters.

Based on our learnings from the previous upgrades, we intend to take a full maintenance / outage window for the product, which prevents any possibility of data loss.

Why was this specific time chosen?

We chose 7-10PM MT on a Thursday evening for multiple reasons, including:

  • Based on an analysis of our traffic patterns, it is a very low usage period, so it will be minimally disruptive to our customers.
  • Performing maintenance on a mid-weekday is more optimal for monitoring, engineering efforts, and team collaboration. 
  • Provides space for following up on to-do items the following week day, as well as more quickly detecting any issues that might crop up.

Will I lose any of my work/documents during the outage?
You will not. The database upgrades do not affect the storage of existing documents. You will need to make sure your work is saved before the outage. (Although we save documents automatically, the status of saved documents will depend on your internet connection)

How will I access my work if I have an important event during downtime?
Please download your documents before the scheduled downtime.

Will published or embedded documents be down during this time?
Yes. Published documents will be down during a brief time for full database upgrades.

Will I be able to make changes to my subscription?
We recommend that you make changes before or after the scheduled outage.